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TCP 3-way handshake based setup and connection release

TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) provides a reliable end to end service that delivers packets over the Internet. Packets are delivered in sequence without loss or duplication.

This sequence diagram explores following:

  1. The three-way handshake to establish a TCP
  2. Data transfer using the byte oriented sequence numbers
  3. Release of a TCP connection.

TCP connection setup and release sequence diagram

The TCP connection 3-way set and release is discussed with focus on socket setup and release.

High level flow of a TCP connection

Socket level details are hidden. Get a high level view of the interactions.

Server socket level view of the TCP connection

Just focus on the server socket handling of a TCP connection.

Client socket interactions in a TCP connection

Focus on the client socket level interactions.

TCP connection context diagram

Examine the relationship between different entities involved in a TCP connection.