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TCP 3-way handshake based setup and connection release

TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) provides a reliable end to end service that delivers packets over the Internet. Packets are delivered in sequence without loss or duplication.

This sequence diagram explores following:

  1. The three-way handshake to establish a TCP
  2. Data transfer using the byte oriented sequence numbers
  3. Release of a TCP connection.

TCP connection setup and release sequence diagram

The TCP connection 3-way set and release is discussed with focus on socket setup and release.

High level flow of a TCP connection

Socket level details are hidden. Get a high level view of the interactions.

Server socket level view of the TCP connection

Just focus on the server socket handling of a TCP connection.

Client socket interactions in a TCP connection

Focus on the client socket level interactions.

TCP connection context diagram

Examine the relationship between different entities involved in a TCP connection.

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TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview IBM Redbook

Free TCP/IP book from IBM:

Part 1. Core TCP/IP protocols
Chapter 1. Architecture, history, standards, and trends
Chapter 2. Network interfaces
Chapter 3. Internetworking protocols
Chapter 4. Transport layer protocols
Chapter 5. Routing protocols
Chapter 6. IP multicast
Chapter 7. Mobile IP
Chapter 8. Quality of service
Chapter 9. IP version 6
Chapter 10. Wireless IP

Part 2. TCP/IP application protocols
Chapter 11. Application structure and programming interfaces
Chapter 12. Directory and naming protocols
Chapter 13. Remote execution and distributed computing
Chapter 14. File-related protocols
Chapter 15. Mail applications
Chapter 16. The Web
Chapter 17. Network management
Chapter 18. Wireless Application Protocol
Chapter 19. Presence over IP

Part 3. Advanced concepts and new technologies
Chapter 20. Voice over Internet Protocol
Chapter 21. Internet Protocol Television
Chapter 22. TCP/IP security
Chapter 23. Port based network access control
Chapter 24. Availability, scalability, and load balancing
Appendix A. Multiprotocol Label Switching

IBM TCP/IP Redbook