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Sequence diagrams from Wireshark PCAP files


Announcing the release of VisualEther Protocol Analyzer 6.0.015 release.

VisualEther - Wireshark to Sequence Diagram Generation

  • Automate sequence diagram generation from the PCAP files with the built in command-line support. VisualEther can now be invoked from a script.
  • Built in support for Wi-Fi and Ethernet messages
  • Simplified message field analysis with collapsible message definition
  • Improved filtering to weed out repeated packets like RTP packets and broadcast messages.
  • Full support for .cap, .pcap, .pcapng and their .gz counterparts
  • Improved bookmarking for important messages. Bookmarked messages are appear in the bookmark pane of your PDF reader.
  • Improved processing for large PCAP files. VisualEther now automatically splits large files.
  • Reduced memory footprint in sequence diagram generation

4 thoughts on “Sequence diagrams from Wireshark PCAP files

  1. Hello pals, i am looking to generate a sequence diagram for my wireshark trace…i need to have fxt file for tlsv2 and ppp packet tracing…pls help.

  2. Hi Evenhelix team, tks for your support…Pls give your email id, but the trace has our network credential information, which we cannot share…we are looking for Microsoft lync traces sequence diagram, which has traffic sent in TLSv1 and HTTPs port.


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