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3G UMTS Originating Call Flow


3G UMTS Originating Call Flows

A 3G UMTS originating voice call call setup involves complex signaling to setup and release the call.

  • RRC (Radio Resource Control) signaling between the UE and RAN sets up the radio link.
  • RANAP (Radio Access Network Application Part) signaling sets up the session between the RAN and the Core Network (MSC).

Click on the image to see the full call flow. You can click on most RANAP messages in the call flow to complete field level details of the RANAP messages.

3G UMTS Originating Call with RRC and RANAP signaling

Click here for the 3G UMTS originating voice call flow 

3 thoughts on “3G UMTS Originating Call Flow

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  2. The presentation on LTE my area of interest is amazing, extremly precise and to the point. Thanks a lot for sharing all the telecom stuff in a highly practical manner. I would be glad to share the work on LTE and UMTS link budget so that it can be used in the industry to grow further.

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