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LTE and WiMax Tutorial

Detailed presentation that covers the following topics:

  • Fundamental constraints from the Shannon Limit
  • Multipath radio propagation
  • Time varying multi-path channel
  • Cellular systems and frequency reuse
  • 4G enabling technologies
    • SC-FDMA
    • MIMO
    • Fast channel-dependent scheduling
    • Fractional frequency reuse
  • OFDM
    • Orthogonal sub-carriers
    • OFDM implementation using DFT
    • Cyclic Prefix
    • Frequency Domain Equalization
    • Subcarrier mapping
    • SC-FDMA is DFT precoded OFDMA
    • PAPR characteristics
  • MIMO
    • Spatial diversity
    • Spatial multiplexing
  • Channel dependent scheduling
    • Select channels based on users signal quality in the resource grid
  • LTE specifications
    • Network architecture
    • Frame structure
    • Resource grid
    • Bandwidth configuration
  • LTE physical channels
  • LTE transport channels
  • LTE logical channels
  • Downlink physical channel processing
  • Uplink physical channel processing
  • Random access
  • LTE Advanced
    • Channel aggregation
    • Enhanced MIMO
  • WiMax

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Git development for Windows

This should simplify git development on Windows.


And some said it would never happen. Github, the popular repository for many open-source code projects, now has a brand-new, first-ever Windows(s msft) client. That means Windows developers building Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and pre-release Windows 8  applications can now share their work on the popular code bank.

The beauty of Github is that it lets groups of developers collaborate on projects without stepping on each other’s work.  Team members working on a single project can sync changes to make sure they are, in fact, working on one project, rather than multiple versions of the same project. That becomes very important as the size of the development group grows. Github also facilitates work on private or public projects so that new developers can look at and learn from code posted by their forebears.  As one developer put it recently, Github is “the social network of coding.”

The Github…

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3GPP LTE Evolved Packet System & Application to Femtocells

The Evolved Packet System (EPS) comprises the Long-Term Evolution (LTE) specifications of the 3GPP mobile network standard, including evolved radio access network (E-UTRAN) and system architecture evolution (SAE). This talk provides an overview of the 3GPP mobile network evolution, including the following topics: from GSM over UMTS to LTE and LTE-Advanced: the roots of next generation mobile network standards; 3GPP standardization architecture: specification groups and their responsibilities; overview of the LTE/SAE system architecture; quality of service architecture; overview of E-UTRAN; outlook on LTE-Advanced and beyond; and, of course, femtocells in LTE.

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Optimizing C and C++ code

Several techniques for optimizing C and C++ code are covered:

  • Adjust structure sizes to power of two
  • Place case labels in narrow range
  • Place frequent case labels first
  • Break big switch statements into nested switches
  • Minimize local variables
  • Declare local variables in the inner most scope
  • Reduce the number of parameters
  • Use references for parameter passing and return value for types bigger than 4 bytes
  • Don’t define a return value if not used
  • Consider locality of reference for code and data
  • Prefer int over char and short
  • Define lightweight constructors
  • Prefer initialization over assignment
  • Use constructor initialization lists
  • Do not declare “just in case” virtual functions
  • In-line 1 to 3 line functions

Optimizing C and C++ Code

Learn about HTML5

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Covered topics

JScript APIs

  • Web Storage – local database
  • Web SQL local database
  • Web Worker light weight threads
  • Drag and drop event model
  • Geolocation

HTML5 markup

  • header
  • hgroup
  • footer
  • aside
  • nav – navigation section
  • section
  • article
  • New Link Relations (prefetch, pingback)
  • Microdata
  • New form fields
  • Audio and Video
  • Canvas
  • WebGL

CSS selector enhancements

  • New font types
  • Text stroke
  • Gradients
  • Transformations
  • Animations